Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lawn wins 6th NZ

Jo Lawn won her sixth Ironman New Zealand on Saturday and she did so in dramatic style.

After taking control of the race during the bike, her strength, she saw her about four minute lead at the start of the run evaporate by the 28km mark when Aussie Kate Bevilaqua caught her.

The two women ran side by side for about 10km, with each trying to press ahead at various times only to have their move countered.

At about the 38km mark, heading back into Taupo, Lawn dug deep and Bevilaqua wasn't able to respond. Lawn kept pushing and crossed the line in 9:16:00 to set a new course record.

In her immediate post-race comments, Lawn said there was no way she would have been able to push herself as hard as she did if it hadn't been for Bevilaqua running at her side.

Rankings - 1 March 2008

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