Friday, September 16, 2011

Who is going to Kona?

The final rankings can be found here:

Keep in mind that both Chrissie Wellington, Mirinda Carfrae and Natascha Badmann have been granted exemptions to race because of past victories in Kona. And at least two competitors signaled they won't be racing: Erika Csomor and Diane Riesler.

Badmann, who fought through major injuries suffered in a crash during the race in Kona in 2007, earlier this year came second at Ironman Lanzarote. As a sign of her return to fitness, Badmann swam less than an hour for the 'third' time in her Ironman career. And she set the bike course record.

Badmann also was third at Antwerp 70.3 in July and was third at the 70.3 European Championships a month ago.

Who's not going to Kona?

There are a few recognizable names who won't be on the start line in Kona in a few weeks.

Among them: Erika Csomor, Bek Keat, Belinda Granger, Fernanda Keller and Diana Riesler.

As well as Meredith Kessler, Hillary Biscay, Desiree Ficker, Dede Griesbauer and Heather Gollnick.

Sunday, September 11, 2011